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About Us

     The Nepal Team is one of the two teams under the University of Florida chapter of Engineers Without borders.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, humanitarian organization founded in 2013. Since then, we have fully implemented in Khanalthok, Nepal and are working on implementation in Phoolbari, Nepal.  The outreach of our work focuses on providing clean, locally-sourced water in these regions whose only water source is infected with E-Coli and other bacteria. 

      Together, our team consists of approximately 40 undergraduate students who are dedicated to working on meaningful engineering projects in international communities. Our team works year-round on designs, fundraising, lesson plans, and research & development to address water quality and sanitation.  Our team is comprised of five sub-teams: Design, Fundraising, Communications, PMEL, and Enrichment.

      Our design team focuses on the design plans and materials needed to implement these projects.  Fundraising team writes grants, coordinates local fundraising events, and reaches out for corporate partnerships.  Comprised of a group of Nepali speakers, the Communications team is our link to Phoolbari and Khanalthok while we are in the states, closing the language barrier between our two communities.  The PMEL (Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, & Learning) team concentrates on the longevity and sustainability of our work, ensuring the village knows how to use and maintain the rainwater catchment and sanitation systems.  The Enrichment team coordinates programs where we can educate the local school students on sanitation, gender equality, and some core STEM topics.

     Collectively, we join under one mission: to provide the basic human right of clean water universally.  We do not hope to go, implement, and move on, but hope to make a lasting and impressionable impact on these children.

Meet The Team

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